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for days and never see a military uniform.
Compared with to-day that was, upon the
surface at any rate, an age of easy-going safety
and good humour. Particularly for the North
Americans and the Europeans.
But apart from that steady, ominous growth of
the armament industry there were other and
deeper forces at work that were preparing
trouble. The Foreign Offices of the various
sovereign states had not forgotten the competitive
traditions of the eighteenth century. The
admirals and generals were contemplating with
something between hostility and fascination, the
huger weapons the steel industry was gently
pressing into their hands. Germany did not
share the self-complacency of the English-speak-
ing world ; she wanted a place in the sun ; there
was increasing friction about the partition of the
raw material regions of Africa ; the British
suffered from chronic Russophobia with regard
to their vast appropriations in the East, and set
themselves to nurse Japan into a modernised
imperialist power ; and also they " remembered
Majuba " ; the United States were irritated by
the disorder of Cuba and felt that the weak,
extended Spanish possessions would be all the
better for a change of management. So the game
of Power Politics went on, but it went on upon